Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Pueblo Viejo (and) Monterrey

I apologize for my absence. My stomach needed a break from eating out at all these new restaurants. Since my last post I have been to two new places: Pueblo Viejo off of 14th street and Monterrey in the strip mall across the street from Wal Mart in Altoona. Both these visits went off without a hitch. Pueblo Viejo is actually a restaurant I went to back in high school with my spanish class, but at the time it was called Plaza Mexico. Same owners and everything, just a new name now. I ordered the carne asada and was so hungry I was sure I would finish it all. However, after eating only half of the meat I was full (as is my usual). It's also important to note that they have really good chips and salsa here.
Later on I visited a place I've been driving by for years and years, Monterrey. Though it was 1pm when I arrived, the place was busy and remained so until we left at 2:30. Chips and salsa were good here as well- we finished two baskets! Service was quick yet not so much so as to bother us with many interruptions. After ordering it literally only took five minutes for our food to be placed in front of us (we had easy items). I ordered the taquitos con pollo and they were burning hot. SO GOOD with moist shredded chicken! My friend who accompanied me always has difficulties receiving the right food when we go out- but this time everything was correct and perfect. Definitely will be stopping in, especially as prices are INCREDIBLY great here, especially around lunch!

Oh, and sorry- I didn't take pictures at either place.... I was much too hungry :-)