Friday, January 29, 2010

The end of French GD

So oddly enough I can't actually remember the lamb course except that I was second on the assembly line and I was right before Dowie (she was plating the lamb). I guess someone had decided to put the racks in a 200 degree oven to hold. NOT a good idea considering lamb should still be pink on the inside and 200 is way past well done. She was irate. We moved on nonetheless to the cheese course. I was actually later in arriving to the plate up room so all I was able to do was pass the plates to Alivia who was putting the lettuce on the plate. And lastly was dessert! They had started assembling these right after the lamb went out so all the servers had to do was take some plates and head out. We changed chef coats and hats real quick and then went out and served the first few plates of the dessert and let the servers do the rest. After the guests had taken a few bites we went out to do our introductions (which we never actually go around to). We watched the gift exchange between the french chefs and our chefs and recognized our chefs (Dowie, Leonard & Dowie). Then we went back into the kitchen, cleaned up, and then went into room 3 for a photo shoot with the french chefs. It was pure riot. They know a select few English phrases, oh and they sang "Old McDonald" in french and we all bust out laughing! I was in the very back row next to Joe, the director of the french exchange, and Alivia. It was great fun as the french chef's wives all catcalled us to look at their camera. Then we left and they had a shoot with our chefs and their chefs. A great finish to a great dinner!
Oh and I took a few photos to share with you....

and it all tasted delicious too!

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You are going to be an amazing cook one day! If you ever open your restaurant, make sure to let me know! haha, thanks for reading my blog. Stay tuned as I will too.