Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Return of the Culinarian

I'm baaaaaaaack! So obviously my whole two year journey through culinary school did not get documented as I had originally hoped. However, I have a new challenge I'd like to take on. I've lived in Des Moines my whole life and I pretty much play it safe and only eat at restaurants I know. Okay, maybe that's not playing it safe, it's just plain boring. I'm a culinary graduate and I haven't been to most of the places on the list of top dining establishments in this area. So, I'm going to change that and bring you along with me (figuratively speaking). My first duty is to make a list of all the restaurants I want to go to this year. Then each time I visit one of the restaurants, I will write about it here and basically be my own food critic for the two people who may read this blog. Sound like fun? Good! Because I'm doing it whether you want me to or not!

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