Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cafe Fuzion

I'm starting to realize that while my quest for good food is a nice goal, there will be casualties along the way. And by coming across those casualties one part of me will suffer the consequences- my stomach. Two months ago I went to the hospital after eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and Chili's (both places I have avoided like the plague since) but they couldn't blame it on the food, instead saying it was just the flu. Nonetheless I made it a point to eat out as little as possible and cook at home instead. This plan worked until I decided to do this, that is, make a list of restaurants I've never been to and write about them. While the restaurant visits preceding this one left me feeling entirely in good health, this one did not.

Hidden in a strip mall behind Walgreens on 14th street is a super tiny restaurant called Cafe Fuzion. Upon entering, we waited a few minutes as the server was also the busser and the hostess. I decided to order something new so I got the "furious" stir fry with chicken. I almost opted to add more spice but after talking to the waitress, we decided I could get a side of chili pepper sauce if I needed to. When we got our plates, the food was lukewarm (same with my friends'). As someone who likes to burn my tongue on the temperature of my food, I was instantly disappointed. I kept my mouth shut (figuratively) though because I hate being a nuisance in a restaurant. The spice level on the food was intense and grew with every bite. At the end I had to constantly drink my water and alternate with the rice provided. The flavors were great, though a little soupy. After I finished eating all the meat off my plate, I noticed that the sauce had settled and I could see the oils separating.

While I didn't mind the smallness of the restaurant, the food was good- just missing the target on a few important points (temperature, sauce). Also, that night and the next day my stomach was not too happy with me, but that's mostly my fault.

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