Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Taqueria Sonora

The other day I was doing my daily scouting for restaurants on Metromix and stumbled across Taqueria Sonora. I looked at the map of where it was located briefly and then ran out to meet a friend. Later in the day after running some errands, we were trying to think of a Mexican restaurant near where we were (in Windsor Heights). We started driving south, at first towards Plaza Mexico on 14th but on the way we found the very place I had read about that day- so we stopped. It's off of 63rd street between Val Air Ballroom and Valley Junction. Once inside we were seated in a raised booth near the windows. We were asked if we wanted chips and cheese and we didn't refuse. The first item to reach our table was a plate with three salsas (verde, pico, habanero), and a few slices of cucumber and radishes. We ordered our beverages and then received the chips and salsa + cheese dip when we placed our orders. The salsa was pretty good, as were the chips....but the cheese dip was just plain bad. We used the salsa provided and finished most of our chips before our food arrived. Talk about small tacos! I wasn't that hungry so I only ordered two of the beer battered fish tacos and I'm glad I did- the corn tortillas are less than 4 inches in diameter (which would be fine but they were 3.50 each)! While we weren't too happy about the portion size, my fish tacos were delicious! So flaky and hot and just perfect. The sliced cabbage on top was okay but they could have jazzed it up by making an awesome spicy coleslaw.

The service was very minimal here which was surprising with how not busy they were. We waited at least 15 minutes with no food left in front of us and no check yet. When we did get our bill we were VERY surprised to see we were charged for chips and cheese/salsa. Not sure if it was because of the inedible cheese dip or if chips and salsa is always charged ($4)! Then, on top of that they basically force you to leave a 15% or greater tip and also ask you to fill out a survey about your experience. We left with happy stomachs and unhappy wallets.

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