Wednesday, January 21, 2009

French Demos: Day 2

It's 9:22 PM and I should be in bed. Ridiculous, I know, but I need to rest up for a busy day tomorrow. My work schedule this a little off- I am working the lovely opening shift which means I have to be there by 6:30 AM! That's hard enough as it is, but then I have to jet straight from work (early) and drive across town to go to school for day 3 of demos and then after that I have to go to my Sanitation and Safety Lab and learn what we're doing next week for the gourmet dinners. Which means I probably will not return home until a full 12 hours has passed. Like a weekend I suppose for me.
Anyways, today was day two of demos and I wanted to share just a tad bit about what the French chefs made today. Haha, I had to make sure to get their early and get the best seat possible because yesterday I couldn't see very well to copy the notes. Got there early, sat there awkwardly (I swear everyone else knows each other- it's very unsettling). Finally demos started and we found out today they would be making the entree + 3 appetizers. The entree was a pork tenderloin scaled with potatoes with a blinis of sweet potato (mini-pancakes in a sense). It tasted delicious!
The appetizers or garnishes were very ornate and took longer than the alotted time to complete. Over three hours! Along with the blinis of sweet potato, there was also candied tomatoes with escargots and a face french fry. I have to say, following along today was still difficult but not nearly as frustrating as yesterday. I suppose everything they did today made sense to me and was kind of common sense. Minus the whole escargot thing. We also tried this salmon rilletes thing that was in shot glasses. I had never even tried salmon before, but sticking to my previous post, I went for it. The base of the glass was the diced tomatoes, the middle layer: the actual salmon rilletes part, and then on top was a parsley mousse. Let me tell you--it was VERY good, and I can't even stand the smell of salmon (or so I thought).
We never got to try the fake french fry but it was just potatoes put into boiling water, peeled, mashed, seasoned, placed into square molds, and finally fried.
The candied tomatoes were not available yet either but they were tomates that were destemmed, boiled in water, peeled, cut in half, deseeded, cooked in the oven, seasoned, and then an escargot butter was added and they were shaped into balls to be breaded and fried.

Not gonna lie, when he said escargot I began to back out of the whole 'try everything' motto, I'm not anticipating that one....

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