Thursday, January 22, 2009

French Demos: Day 3

The day is over (in terms of chaos not hours).
This morning I opened and it wasn't bad- I just ran out of things to do.
Then I had to jet off to class/demo #3 and grab the quickest lunch possible via drive thru.
Got to the demo just in time and still managed to get a good seat. The demo was way more relaxed than every other day has been. Chef Fabien was the only one preparing today, so Chef Jerome just assisted and prepped for him. They also seemed to have figured out planning ahead as far as food and dishes were concerned. On today's menu was:
-Lobster Cannelloni
-Vanilla CHERRY mousse that they started on day 1 of demos.
They did go back and forth a few times but nothing ridiculous. They managed to prepare all parts of the lobster cannelloni before we even took our break so they allowed two students to go up and try their hand at decorating and garnishing a plate of it. Then they went on to complete the dessert and they showed us how they made caramel decorations with chocolate discs for the bottom of the mousse. The caramel decorations were pretty awesome. Jerome made "angel hair" out of it and made it look like a birds nest, and then Fabien made these crazy stretched out shapes.
The sample they had available today was the lobster cannelloni which was the following:
hollow pasta lined up in a row, salmon mousse spread on top, seasoned lobster tails.
These were then all rolled up like a poster and put into a steam oven. Then served with a pea cream and dry ham garnish.
It was actually good despite not being a seafood fan (at all). Lobster is not too fishy tasting or smelling so it wasn't as repulsive as I would have thought. I'm excited to get to try the dessert tomorrow! Mmmm...gotta love chocolate. Oh they used an electric spray (hose?) with chocolate in it to spray over the vanilla cherry mousse. It was an interesting process to see.

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