Monday, February 23, 2009

Potage. Sopa. Suppe.

I apologize for my ten day hiatus. Unfortunately, my phone decided to be retarded and delete my picture of broccoli with medium white sauce that I prepared for lab on Tuesday. It was delicious though, take my word for it.
I do have a picture of Thursday's lab results though. It was soup day. I got to make my very first roux and everything. My soup was "Chicken Velvet Soup" and I did not feel prepared at all going into this class. We had a substitute teacher who was ridiculously anal. We weren't allowed to leave any excess pots/utensils on the table, she deducted points for using parsley, and she kept making me mess up. Seriously, Chef Easter kind of just lets us do our own thing- and this lady was on all of our backs. My first mistake of the day was measuring the chicken base in terms of tablespoons instead of teaspoons. Then later on I measured 1/4 cup of pimentos instead of 1 teaspoon. Haha, great lab to screw up on! My final product came out tasting fine. A little floury tasting....but that could have had something to do with the other 10 soups I was trying at the same time. Oh and they were all cold by the time she let us eat. But hey, at least we got out early. My midterm is tomorrow, I'm starting to go into panic-mode. I have all my papers done, I'm just worried about properly timing everything. We have 2 hours to complete 3 randomly assigned products that we won't know what they are until we get there.

OH! And Thursday night I had gourmet dinner service. It was some Asian cuisine thing and it all smelled really delicious despite being mostly seafood. There was this soup that smelled amazingly of cinnamon, pistachio bread, and this great-looking salad. It was a nice small group of about 50 - so the night went really fast (9:15 or so). Not early enough to jet to the Tyrone Wells concert unforunately :-(

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