Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Not a big fan of the dreaded midterm

Food Prep 1 Lab Midterm came....and went. Though, not fast enough. Well okay, maybe a little too fast. Five minutes to be exact. But let me preface this by saying that about an hour before the midterm I went into panic mode. I started cramming in the 24 different types of lettuce/salad greens (Escarole, Loose-leaf, Bibb, Boston, Frisee, Belgian Endive,Watercress, Arugula, Mache, Mizuna, Treviso....just to name a few)! Identifying the different greens/veggies/fruits ended up being the easiest part of the midterm. I then found out that my three products to produce in two hours would be: Cream of Cheese Soup, Fresh Fruit Salad, and Broccoli with Medium White Sauce. Instantly, I thought I had it made. Piece of cake....or so I thought. I started off making the Cream of Cheese Soup after grabbing every single pot, utensil, bowl, knife, measuring cup, etc. that I would need for these three items. So I start the soup, it took over an hour! Thus taking away from the time I needed for my other two products. I cut my broccoli and let it sit in a cold salt bath while I finished my soup. I managed to finish the soup with only one "speedbump." In grating cheese to put into the soup at the end, I screwed up the amount of cheese needed. Thankfully, the guy across from me said something before it was too late. Risky move on his part (there was to be no talking today), but very VERY much appreciated. So I finished the soup and let it sit in a double boiler as I made my white sauce. While my sauce did its thing I started getting the broccoli ready to go and my fruit plate as well. At this point I think I had half an hour left. Let's just say I was high-tailing it along folks. So in the course of half an hour I managed to: burn my tongue, trip over everything, scald my hands, cut my finger, and run around frantically looking for a "china cup." Oh, and not to mention being five minutes late on presenting it to Chef Easter. I'm not sure how many points are going to be deducted for that but I wasn't too happy. I'm glad I finished but I could have easily spared five minutes of washing dishes earlier in the 2 hr-rush, and made it on time. If only- right? I was the last one to turn it in and had no clue how any of it tasted. Luckily, it all tasted really good and I got everything done. I just need to work on my time-management skills.
So since I was five minutes late I definitely did not have time to take a picture, let alone have my phone on me...so I decided to improvise. Hope you like it!

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