Thursday, February 5, 2009

Main Dish Salad Presentation

What you are looking at here is my very first food preparation lab presentation. We selected one main dish salad on Tuesday and then came in today to actually produce and present our product to Chef Easter. I picked chicken salad because....well, I LOVE it! It was quite a different recipe than what I am used to (it contained pimentos and sliced almonds), but in the end it tasted equally as good. I also had to make mayonnaise with two other students and didn't quite turn set up right, but oh well.
Producing was the easy part, once I got my hands on the cantaloupe and lettuce I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do or what would look nice with the large quantity of chicken salad I had. So I did what came to my mind at that moment. The first thing to come to me was the cantaloupe fan. I spent a while looking up online last night the many different ways of cutting a cantaloupe and then when I got down to it- I didn't pick any of them. I was also fretting over which kind of lettuce to use when he only ended up providing us with one choice anyway. Then once I had that all together I realized it looked a little bland so I had five minutes to figure out some little garnish. Ended up doing a stiff celery flower. I didn't have time to soak it in water so I cut the slivers into different heights, stuck it in the middle of my chicken salad and fanned it out a little to add the height aspect.
I'm very proud of my first lab and look forward to fruit salads next Tuesday....

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